Who We Are

Creativity and Arts play a major role in the development of any individual along with promoting the cultures. We believe that the essence of any art across the globe can be passed further only with exchange and collaboration. With this primary thought in mind, we introduce ‘Tittle Tattle’. The goal is to provide a platform to every artist to present their talents in order to reach the maximum number of people. As every artist deserves to get acknowledged, we understand that Tittle Tattle will provide an efficient pathway for their creativity to go beyond boundaries.

The concept behind this is to offer a personal touch to let the art prosper. We believe that every individual is an artist and that everyone can sparkle with their own hidden treasures, accompanied by a little support. In order to provide the needed reinforcement, we ensure our artists a seamless user experience backed by excellent digital platforms. We aim to create a virtual place, where every individual would be aided by Tittle Tattle.

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Our vision is crystal clear, as that of proactively promoting creativity. We aim to take art beyond the boundaries. We see Tittle Tattle becoming a platform to inspire individuals to dream higher and reach their potential. We believe that with extreme focus and determination, we will reach our goals to bring arts to everyone’s attention. With the digital age booming, we will provide our artists and our clients, the digital approach towards their creativity. By doing all the above, Tittle Tattle will support the community and its environment in all its actions.


Tittle Tattle is a growing network of artists connecting to various individuals. Our mission is to benefit the world by getting to witness fabulous works of art by our brilliant artists. We will always strive to bring multiple levels of creativity across boundaries of the world on our digital platform and provide art solutions to the community. We adopt a transparent approach to enrich our planet with enchanting art pieces. Ultimately, our mission is to aid our community towards an overall betterment of the planet.

Our Values


Trust is one of the most important business assets and we wish to build a strong one with all our artists within our community. We acknowledge that with every interaction gives us an equal opportunity to build relationships and nurture trust.


It is a simple understanding that with applying Focus effectively, a venture can run effectively. By employing Focus, we can create a better and a long-term vision of our success. This will help us to communicate better with our planet.


It takes courage to take the next step and we wish to implement courage to lead our artists in the right direction. As we wish to guide the community, we aim to show our artists the process and eventually the solutions via correct tools.

About the proprietor

Mrs. Prachi Menghar is the creator of Tittle Tattle. With a simple belief as to provide a strong platform for artists, she has established this company. She has a Masters in Plant Biotechnology and Cytogenetic by education. Along with this, she possesses a passion for baking. She is also a home Baker and loves to do eggless baking. Her pull towards plants is such that she has fashioned out an excellent kitchen garden even in the desert. Having such a versatile personality, she has a positive outlook towards life. She understands arts and artists and wishes to help them become strong. With Tittle Tattle, she aims to take this virtual place to new heights for the betterment of the community and our planet as a whole.

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